Brant Lake, New York •

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Limiting Out Ice Fishing For Perch On Lake George, NY

Filleting Perch in 45 Seconds!
How To Jig Perch With the Fly Rig

Lake Champlain Catch

Another great day fishing the Perch Fly Rig and Perch Finesse Rig. Roger and his wife got into a good late day bite on Lake Champlain in Upstate NY and as you can see they had some great results.

Underwater Perch Fly Rig Footage

Roger and his wife Melanie last February got some great footage using the Perch Fly Rig mid-day with the underwater camera (traditionally the slowest part of the day while fishing upstate NY). Over and over again showing that the Perch Fly Rig catches them even in very difficult conditions.

Night Fishing for Crappies

The night-bite was pretty hot on this Wisconsin lake!

Lake Trout Fishing on Lake George
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