Brant Lake, New York •

Foam Finger

This is another brilliant adaptation for ice fishing. This slip bobber quickly clips on or off your line. No more threading it through a frozen pin hole. I include 6 rubber line stoppers. Slide one on your line, set it at the depth they are biting at, and the bobber slides up to the stop and floats just below the surface of the water so it does not freeze up. When you reel in, the rubber stop goes through the guides and on your reel and the bobber slides freely. Take off the fish and play the line back to the exact depth you were before.

I love this for crappie fishing. I drill 2 holes a few feet apart. One hole I actively jig. In the other I suspend a live minnow under the foam finger. Many times, the old slabs come in and look the active jig over, then they ease over to the pure and simple presentation of a live minnow on a small hook. This float barely gives any resistance to the picky crappie, but you see every move in your hole, let him take the float down a little and the battle is on!!!

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