Brant Lake, New York •

Glo-Perch Chain

I love chain jigs. The long-distance attraction of a spoon and the finesse presentation of a grub on a lively chain often can’t be beat. These jigs are a little bit heavier than the average. That gets you down in the action quicker.

It has a perch color pattern on one side and a glow-in-the -dark stripe on the other side. There is also a replacement chain hook in the package. So many hookups eventually wear out the hook.

My favorite presentation for this jig is on a finesse rig. Now you have a nymph 8” up the line. On mud flats, I like to pound the mud, imitating a feeding perch. Then drop the chain jig in the mud and dead stick it a few seconds. When the perch comes to investigate, they find a nymph swimming just above the stirred-up mud. This method has caught thousands of perch, bluegills and crappies.

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