ice fishing jigs for perch, crappies, bluegills and lake trout.
Rogers Rigs Ice Fishing Rigs for Perch and other Panfish
Brant Lake, New York •
We specialize in ice fishing rigs for perch. Take a moment to watch the video below for an introduction to our many varieties of perch jigs, then follow the product links below for images, full descriptions and easy secure on-line ordering.
The Perch Minnow Rig
These epoxy minnows are made with marabou tails and are perfect for giving that extra flash to encourage a strike.
The Perch Fly Rig
This is the original Roger's Rig. Tipped with a small grub, the days of getting skunked on the ice are going to be much fewer and further between.
The Perch Finesse Rig
A small nymph rig and a mini clip for your favorite jig or bait is something that is tough for even the pickiest of perch or other panfish to resist.
The Perch Slayer Package
Buy all 3 and save! These three are responsible for the demise of countless perch throughout the US and Canada.
Micro-Plastics 12-Piece Sampler
Also known as "Our Deadly Dozen!" They are small, wiggly and scented. Fish with a tungsten jig head or as a teaser on any lure.
The Glo-Perch Chain Rig
Another Roger's Rigs' version of a great old standby lure. Roger catches piles of perch by adding this to the end of a Perch Finesse Rig.
Lil' Ton's
Tungsten jig heads are perfect for perch and other panfish. Small and heavy for its size, this will get you in the strike zone quickly.
Lite Byte Spring Bobbers
It does NOT ice up, and you can detect a lot more bites with this set-up than any other method we've tried.
Lil' Foam Finger
Cut-to-size foam slip bobber, trim them to make each the perfect buoyancy for any jig size. Clip on the line and slide to desired depth.
The Side Show
A finesse rig for finicky fish! Especially effective on fussy crappies.
Golf Clicker/Fish Counter
A simple and ingenious idea! Keep it beside you to keep count of your fish, especially where limits are a concern.
Fly Box & 26-Fly Assortment
We do fly fishing too! Check out this great hand-picked selection of flies.
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